D7.4 Initial Dissemination Plan
Public deliverables   2022/11/08  

Executive Summary

This document gives an overview of the HiEFFICIENT stakeholder engagement approaches, and it presents an overview of the dissemination and communication activities planned and undertaken during the project lifetime in order to raise awareness about the project. Moreover, within this deliverable, the dissemination channels to be applied throughout the HiEFFICIENT project are described. The main activities related to dissemination and communication will centre around three key audiences and stakeholders: the general public, industry, and academia.

All project partners are participating in dissemination and communication activities, taking advantage of the various communication channels available to ensure a broad and targeted dissemination and communication about the project and its outcomes. For effective project dissemination and communication, the project partners select suitable tools and channels according to the targeted audience. Project dissemination and communication activities are major instruments to sensitize interested stakeholders and the scientific community to the project and its results. However, the effectiveness of a given communication strategy depends on factors such as the target group and the information channel. Based on these considerations, this document addresses the challenges of impact and visibility in the overall context of HiEFFICIENT, aiming to provide a strategic, coordinated, and consistent approach to dissemination and communication measures to maximize the impact of the project. Moreover, these actions contribute to the creation of a consensus among the reliability expert groups and demonstrate the users’ concrete examples of exploitable project results.