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Events Project video - M18 General Assembly at test track Vransko
Let's watch the video from the M18 General Assembly Meeting that was concluded with a visit to ELAPH ...
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Public deliverables D3.1 Report on Performance of Components Models and Dynamic Behaviors
This deliverable reports the performances of the developed multi-physics models for all use cases.
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Public deliverables D2.1. Feasibility study for integration technologies at high volume/low cost
This report presents a technological review of the current and advanced future packaging technologie ...
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Public deliverables D1.3 Report on EOL Reliability Targets and PHM Measures
This report presents sets of reliability tests, accelerated aging tests (AAT), and identified stress ...
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Public deliverables D1.1 Specification of Use Cases
In this document, for each use case, the objectives, the main targets, the functionality, the testin ...
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